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InStock Specialties is a service-oriented national distributor of specialty items. From toilet partitions to fire extinguishers and everything in between, InStock Specialties can provide you with solutions today for results tomorrow.

Terry Quinn

Terry Quinn Picture

Terry was born and raised in Ellsworth Wisconsin, just across the border from Minnesota. The son of small-business owner, a strong work ethic was engrained in Terry from a young age, and this has found an outlet in all of his life’s endeavors, be it business, family, or faith.

After earning a degree in marketing and accounting the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and a Masters in theology from Ave Maria University, Terry worked for TAB Products as a records analyst and was in charge of organizing contracts for the state of Minnesota. This experience gave Terry invaluable insight into office place solutions, and he began to use this expertise to conceive an idea for a small business that would provide both specialty item products and turnkey solutions.

Finally, in 2003 Terry decided to put his dream into action, and in his basement in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, Terry started InStock Specialties with the help of his wife and children. The success of his new company meant expansion, and InStock Specialties hired more employees shortly thereafter. It soon became clear that the Quinns’ basement simply wasn’t larger enough for this ever-growing operation, so Terry set about building an office in his backyard. Terry’s enthusiasm and core values spread to his employees, and the team’s hard work meant that the small office on a hill in Lake Elmo couldn’t contain the enterprise, and another larger office was added in Oakdale, Minnesota. This theme continued, and now InStock Specialties has offices throughout the country, in Minnesota, Kansas, and Texas, with construction of more offices underway.

From a basement office with his daughter as his first employee to a national company, Terry’s vision for InStock Specialties continues to become reality. Terry’s core values ensure that lasting relationships are created with both his employees and his customers, which is what makes his business so successful. InStock Specialties is still very much a family business, and Terry’s wife and 5 children provide support for the company on many different levels. Terry understands the value of building relationships with not only customers, but employees as well, and this has enabled InStock Specialties to build a team that can provide customers with quality solutions, ensuring that they continue to come back.